10 Tips for Pocket-friendly Plumbing Repairs

Plumbing repairs are part and parcel of owning a home – when you enjoy the luxuries of a water heater, you are always at a possibility of witnessing its tantrums. Leaky pipes, issues with drainage, and sewer chaos are all inevitable aspects of daily living; however, they do not have to cause mental and monetary stress.
Knowing how to deal with some common plumbing issues is always a blessing when it comes to the moment of action. In this blog, we will give you ten tips for pocket-friendly plumbing repairs that will help you save money and maintain the integrity of your plumbing system.

Patch Up The Leaks!

A tiny leak can seem harmless, but it has the capacity to increase the numbers on your water bill.
What can you do? A simple and cost-effective solution is to use a pipe patch kit. Pipe patch kits are readily available at your nearest hardware store and help you stop minor leaks. Before applying the patch, you must clean the spot, and once you apply the patch – you’re done!
While patching up the leaks is a smart option, you must know when the repair is beyond DIY resolutions. In case of persistent leaks, spare no time and give us a call for expert assistance with leaks and pipe repairs.

Hair Catcher To The Rescue

Hair-clogged drains are more than just a pet peeve. They can cause water clogging and need attention. You can deal with this recurring problem with the help of a hair catcher installed in your sink and shower.
Hair catchers are an inexpensive yet effective solution. But they are helpless against old clogs. So, what do you do to deal with complicated clogs? You call us, and our team of expert plumbers takes care of everything from there!

Winter Is Coming?

Winters are a fun season – for humans! For pipes, winters are the time for breakdowns and pipe bursts. Winters cause frozen pipes and ultimately lead to damages that might become a costly affair. Insulating pipes during winter is a good idea to prevent freezing and increase the vitality of your pipes.
However, insulating pipes can only work so far and more serious issues can be a looming threat plotting for bigger damage. This is where you need to stay alert and reach out to us for pipe inspection and insulation.

Plunge Away Clogs

Chemicals might be your first choice of resolution for toilet issues and clogged sinks. However, you can prevent turning your plumbing system into a chemistry lab by using the good old plunger. A plunger is a sustainable, safe, and budget-friendly solution that clears minor blockages.
But how do you deal with stubborn clogs? You can deal with more complicated clogs by being intelligent and reaching out to our professional plumbing experts, who are available around the clock.

Sewer Snake Is Your Buddy

Clogs in main drains are an issue that can lead to more problems, causing costly repairs. However, with a sweet and simple investment in a sewer snake, you can clear blockages in a simple and sustainable way.
However, while a sewer snake is a cost-effective tool for clearing blockages without professional assistance, it cannot deal with more stubborn clogs. This is where our plumbing experts use advanced technology to promptly assess and clear your drains.

Adjust The Toilet Flapper

Your running toilet might be causing a waste of gallons of water. But can you fix this on your own? Yes, you can! All you need to do is adjust the toilet flapper. The toilet flapper seals the opening between the tank and the toilet bowl. This simple adjustment can lead to a good deal of savings for both water and money.
Adjusting the toilet flapper is a great DIY trick you must have up your sleeve; however, if your running toilet is beyond DIY repairs, we are just a call away to offer our assistance 24/7.

Your Garbage Disposal Needs Attention

While you might treat your garbage disposal as a magic tool to disappear all the unwanted waste, you cannot throw everything in it. You must pay attention to your garbage disposal and avoid discarding grease or oil in it. These elements can cause blockages and leave with no other resolution than costly repairs.
A mindful approach to garbage disposal can prevent messy clogs and backups, but if you are stuck with more complicated issues, we are here to help you find cost-effective solutions at your doorstep!

Invest in Efficient Plumbing Fixtures

Expensive fixtures like shower heads, toilets and faucets might not sound much of a budget-friendly approach. However, in the longer run, these are an investment as their premium quality helps you save a lot by preventing constant repairs, replacements and maintenance.
If you, too, are ready to invest in efficient plumbing fixtures today and lead a peaceful life free of constant plumbing issues, we can help you with professional plumbing installation services and consultancy to ensure optimal efficiency.

Goodbye Worn-Out Washers

A worn-out washer sounds like a harmless entity. But this little entity can cause you a good deal of money and water wastage as it is a direct culprit for leaky faucets. Before this worn-out washer calls for bigger havoc, be attentive, detect the faulty washers and replace them to prevent any issues.
A simple washer replacement can safeguard your plumbing system and add a layer of protection to your faucets. However, it might seem to be a bit complicated. If you, too, are not sure about the hows and whats of worn-out washer replacement, we are here to help you with thorough repairs.

Regular Maintenance Checks

Regular maintenance checks are essential to detect plumbing issues before they escalate. These inspections can eliminate problems with Budget-friendly plumbing repairs. All you need to do is conduct visual checks for leaks, drips and unusual sounds from your plumbing systems and call us if anything seems unusual or dangerous.
Plumbing repairs do not have to cost you a limb! Just some simple resolutions and an attentive eye can help you cut down chaos and deal with plumbing emergencies in a more composed manner. And for instances where you feel the matter is out of your control, R&A Plumbing is your trusted plumbing partner, ready to help you with your plumbing needs 24/7.